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When you purchase any Ebac product, you can be assured of outstanding quality and reliability.

Every product is ethically manufactured, efficient, economical & kind to the planet.


Where it all began…

On leaving school at 15, John Elliott gained an apprenticeship with a local company called Westool.

An apprenticeship to be a draftsman was a significant achievement in an environment where unemployment was high and about half of John’s peers went down the local mining pits. After a 5 year apprenticeship John became a Draftsman at the age of 21.

Shortly after, John left Westool and moved to the Science Research Council’s High Energy Laboratory in Rutherford. John was starting to be recognised as an innovator and, with a decade of engineering experience behind him, could devise solutions to complex problems.

After a number of years, John returned to his native North East and took a position with Westair Dynamics as a Sales Application Engineer. This lasted for a couple of years, after which he was to make a decision that would change his life forever. John decided to go it alone and set up his own business industrial dehumidifiers.

His first order was for 16 dehumidifiers designed and manufactured by John himself. John and his brothers set up the sheet metal work with a local factory and manufactured all the units in a shed – which was normally part of the poultry farm.

John delivered all 16 units to the customer on time. The customer was so pleased that they ordered another 70 units – as so Ebac was born.


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